SAP - SM1830

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  • Blade Length: 1830mm
  • Cutting Height: 320mm
  • Work Table: 410x410mm
  • Motor: 0.75kw - 1.00HP - 230v - 50HZ/230-400v - 50hz
  • Electrical System: 12A - Switch 0-1
  • Weight: 36KG
  • Dimensions: 53x42x91cm
  • Package Dimensions: 100x53x40cm
  • Cutting Height: 225mm
  • Cutting Width: 200mm
  • Bandsaw Body: Anodized
  • Pulley: Ø200
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TYPE OF USE: Butchers shops, shmongers, restaurants, canteens, frozen fish and meat industries.
HYGIENIC, ROBUST, EASY TO USE: Machines comform to the international hygiene regulations. Cast metal machine
body finished in nitro painted or anodized. Work table in stainless steel, adjustable blade tensioner, portion setter for cuts incorporated.
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