KOLBE - AW52-240

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  • Cutting System: Enterprise E52
  • Perforated Plate Diameter: 130mm
  • Funnel Volume: 240ltr
  • Hourly Output with perforated plate of 3 mm: 3000kg/h
  • Motor Tension (3Ph): 400v
  • Motor Main Drive/ Protection system IP55: 15kW(22)
  • Motor Feeding Drive/ Protection system IP55: 1.5kW
  • Motor Mixer Drive / Protection System IP55: 1,5kW
  • Nominal Current At 400V Mixing and Loosening Device Drive Opt: 3,1A
  • Nominal Current Main Drive at 400 V: 28,5 A
  • Nominal Current Feeding Drive at 400 V: 3,1 A
  • Conductor Size: 10mm2
  • Fusing At 400 (A lazy): 40A (50)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1478 x 1518 x 1978mm
  • Lowering House Height: 720mm
  • Input Height: 1978mm
  • Noise Level: 68,8 db(A)
  • Weight Net: 950-1050kg
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The automatic crossfeed mixer grinders with their strong drives meet the highest demands on processing and hourly output. They are equipped with a mixing arm and are very suitable for the processing of meat parts, fresh and frozen up to −16°C. Fresh meat can be mixed very well with other meat types and/or ingredients. In addition, different types of meat can be mixed.. The Multigrind grinders can be equipped with either the Enterprise cutting system in sizes E52 or E56 or the Unger cutting system in sizes 130 or 160. With the Unger G160 cutting system the AW160–240 is able to perform an hourly output of up to 4000 kg with a batch size of 180–200 kg.

MultiGrind grinders are mostly used in big craft enterprises and industrial companies.
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